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Doesn't it sound good? Me & my fiancé went & visited my uncle yesterday with my family. The bottom reason was to get an old sofa from my grandparents that we are gonna use as a headboard with our bed. But I ended up finding a bunch of other pretty stuff! Everything is at least from the early 1900s.

I found a bit more but as me & my brother is supposed to share all of it between us, he has to think about what he wants too, I do hope I can get a living room table I found that was really R E A L L Y beautiful.

I'll show you the sofa as soon as I get a reasonable background to it.. I don't want to show you the pretty messy garage that's the workspace for it right now. We do have to fix it up a bit. Because it has been in the attic for maybe 50 years..? Full of bird poop, lots of stains, some cracks & pain fallout.. but I promise you a before & after picture as soon as I can! :)


have a nice day =)


Svar: Thx! Hopefully yours is too! 💗

2017-08-14 07:46:44


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