My first architect job

Been ill for a while now & the low energy level is nearly killing me.. Just been playing Sims 4 all day & have now attempted my first "create a house from scratch" :P  It took a while to get the hang on it..! For not looking like a basic house. I like my decor & been downloading a bunch of CC from The Sims Resource & Tumblr.
This porch took me 2 hours alone..! I couldn't decide on what decors & colours & place.. & at one point the game crashed to I have to start a while back again because I forgot to save >_<'
What you guys think of it? I'm honesty not really sure. If I know me right I'll change it in some way sooner or later :P But I like the decor! & I'm gonna go online sniffing out some more to download, hihi!


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