Oh my rainy day.

Looking out the window today makes me feel so sad.. According to the weather forecast it will rain about 40 mm today, & yeah. It sure looks like it.. can barely see the garden outside due to all the water flowing down the windows.. But I guess I can make something of this? I sure could clean & tidy up around here.. maybe I should do that.

But something about today is just fabulous! Yesterday's mail brought me this wonderful Totoro phone case! I had this exact phone case to my old iPhone 5s, but I missed him sooo much so i just had to get one for my iPhone 7plus too. Hihi! :)

I'm so happy with this! It's big AF but I can't describe how much I love this. #obsessed

So this day is just a bit brighter due to this AWESOME phone case ^_^

Ljuva Julia

ÄLSKAR DEN, åååh Totoro är en av mina favoritfilmer.. !

Svar: Så underbar film!! <3 sett nå andra studio ghibli-filmer?

2017-08-04 18:05:33
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