Lake house awesomness.

Yesterday was just the mini vacation I needed. We decided to go to mother in laws lake house & just relax in the sun. I actually fell asleep in the chair! I guess I really R E A L L Y needed that quiet time. Birds chirping & the waves against the beach.. was just wonderful.

I think we'll return on Wednesday if the weather is good, as both of us have a free day on Wednesdays. Maybe building up the tan..? :P


True 80s child

So I don't know if you guys know that I'm born in 1983. No one never believe me but that's the truth. & im a true 80s child! That's nothing you can't have missed. I don't think I'm ever gonna grow up in that apartment. My life is just filled with that colourful, cartoonish style, both interior design & clothing. And the true love of my childhood was the original My Little Pony. G1 as the original style is called. I had my favourite in Starshine, so when I saw wonderful mug, I couldn't resist buying it! Can you blame me? ;)


Sign's up!

So finally the sign is up! Thanks to the people who donated the bikes to us so I could make two road signs like this. Now, maybe people will find our thrift store? ;)

I just spray painted the bikes, not that much work to fix such a perfect sign, right? :) 

If you're passing by Näsviken, right outside Hudiksvall. You should come for a visit!