Cruising on a Saturday night.

Yesterday was the big cruising day in our city. The whole town was there I think & lots & lots of cars just cruised around playing oldies music loud through their open windows. The people were dressed "old timey" & just had a pretty good time!

Even yours truly. :)
I'd bought a lovely sparkling wine that's called True Colours & part of the selling price goes to the LGBT organisation. Couldn't say no to that. & it was quite delicious! :) You should try it if you can get your hands on it. For sure!
Though I'm pretty tired today, it sure was worth it. I'm not the one who's the big party girl, but sometimes like this I like it. Just hanging with some friends.
But today's doing is just going to be playing some Sims 4 & maybe work on fixing some more on our greenhouse that we just finished building. Gonna be a slow day :) but that nice, as I'm working tomorrow. Might doing some laundry too, we'll see :P


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