So let's try this again..!

I think this will be my final try to have a active blog. I've been very bad at this bloging thing while I've been home on sick leave.. This depression & anxiety have taking it's toll on my energy level & I haven't really felt like bloging. Though I'm active on social media, such as facebook & instagram, I haven't really felt like writing a lot, I've been more like small comments & hashtaggin the life out of instagram. ^_^
But I have decided to give this another try. I want to. Giving the blog an updated look & deleted all of the old posts, i hope this will give me a new push to really want to post stuff for you guys. I've actually even thought about starting a youtube channel where I might vlog & talk about this anxiety stuff.. If I can help others who's going through the same thing, I really want to give it a try. Might just help just listen to someone else who's been through the same stuff? Knowing that you're not alone in this & that it's nothing wrong about it. It's just gonna take time & you can't rush it. What do you guys think about that? Should I become a vloging youtuber? Maybe throw in a few DIY's & crafting videos as well?
If so, just know that english is not my first language & that I might sound a bit wierd ;) And i promise you that the grammar might just be slightly off..!
So, what have I've been up to since last time we talked. I guess It's been about a year? I didn't check the date on the last post before I deleted it, so silly of me.
Have been through both fun & sad things I guess... We've got a new kitten last fall, her name is Bellatrix & she's like the craziest little ball of fur that you might find. Why we got her is because we sadly found our baby Link killed by a car, just a few 100 meters from our house, in October -16 :( Still get all teary when I think of him.. Lost both Link & Zelda in the same way now.. Both since we moved to our house & both where killed by cars.. So our current cats sadly gets to live inside. We don't dare to let them go outside anymore.. Navi, who was with us when Link passed, became so sad & lonley when she was left all alone. Therefor the decision of getting her a baby sister.
Then my grandpa left us just a week before christmas last year.. Even if it was expected, it still was really sad & the christmas wasn't really something I even wanted to celebrate. Just wished it passed so I could just get it over with.. Grandma is still with us & she's on her 95th year! Awful lonley, since she and her husband been with eachother since they were teenagers.. They even celebrated their 70th (?) wedding day, six months before grandpas passing. ♥
Then to a bit more fun stuff.
I have gone from being on sick leave 100% to 50% & is now looking for a part time job. Mean while I'm on "work training" at the Red Cross & I've been there since March this year. I take care of the café & i basicly bakes from 10 AM to 4 PM, four days a week. I love it! Such a perfect place to be right now. I have beautyful colleagues & I love every minute! Though I'm getting a bit poor thanks to my job. Haha. Finds stuff all the time!.. Dangit! >_< 
This summer we've been with my father-in-law on, not one but two vacations. One was just to a carnival a few ours from here, so we was only away for a day. The we were to another similar place who's called Leksand Sommarland. And that time we stayed the night at the most beautiful hotel. Just lovely.
Apart from that we haven't traveled this summer. We have spent almost every minute with our new greenhouse! Mother-in-law gave it to us in the spring & now it's finished & just waiting to be filled with goodies!
Well, that's the most of it. Not that much to tell, but I hope this will continue & that I can keep you guys up with my life :) & now I have to end this, because we're going to a birthday party in just a few hours. Have to take a shower & stuff like that! But let's keep in touch! ♥ 
Made you guys a collage with a few things from the last year.


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