Oh I'm so sick..

Since Wednesday I've been horizontal in our couch.. sneezing like hell, coughing, aching all over & my head feels like it's twice the size.. I don't know where this came from, no one in my surroundings have been sick..?? Well.. I'm tired AF & can't seem to concentrate at all.. been binge watching American Horror Story on Netflix.. I'm at season 5 right now.. & it's almost finished..

My mornings is spent with a few youtubers, coffee & a bunch of pills.. nose spray so I can breathe & even more coffee so I can keep awake.. I sleep in the couch @ night to be able to not lay flat just to be able to breathe.. baby is in Umeå on a education trip with his judo club. &  before that he was in Gävle on a business trip. Been away almost all week. Not something I'm used too..

But it might have been for the best since I got so sick.. at least he don't have to be around this shit right now.. 

DIY garden furniture

I saved these chairs from our neighbours who was gonna toss them, but I felt like this is something I can work with! So I just pulled out some tools & screws to stabilise them, then just spray painted them. I've got two chairs. One is now blue & the other one will be pink! 

I think they're gonna be perfect in our garden by the greenhouse, just enjoying the sun. Though its fall now, I guess they'll have to wait to next summer :)