Oh my gosh, where did the time go?

I don't know where the time has flown. I thought it might have been a week since I last wrote something but it has been three..! Omg. 

So what have happened? My fiancé has turned 33, I've continued my work training & it's been going really well, we've been in our lake house & done some bbq a few times, Bellatrix has been horny as hell & been meowing after a boyfriend for about a week. Hardly slept anything due to it.

One of the nights in the lake house was a so called "light night".. where we put cressets all along the shoreline, I think we had about 45 of them. So beautiful.

We had a few friends there & also Sasses nephew. Had so much fun! Ended the night with some fireworks. Pew pew! ^_^

And today it's starting a big fair in the city, me & baby is going to visit it tomorrow before we're gonna have a late birthday party for him (his birthday was on Tuesday). Wonder if I'll find anything? Usually ends up with me coming home with a bunch of candy :P

But my lunch is now over & have to return to work, really hope I don't wait three weeks till the next post..! I'll sure try not to! >_< 


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